Post-WWII America’s Acts of Containment

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World War II greatly affected every major power in the world, and all countries in Europe. The greedy designs of the Axis powers and dictators, including: Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and the Empire of Japan, led to the deaths of millions of innocent people. At the conclusion of the war, millions of people vowed to never allow this time of devastation to ever be repeated again.
Despite America’s peaceful relations with the Soviet Union at the end of the war, they turned shaky after the Soviet betrayal at the Potsdam Conference, regarding free elections in Poland. America, with a very patriotic nature, was very disappointed with the Soviet’s behavior. This disapproving glare soon turned to irritation and anger, with the installation of communist satellite nations under Soviet rule. Finally, despite previous feelings of general friendship, Stalin declared that Soviet Communism and American Capitalism were incompatible, and that war was virtually inevitable.
America, never one to be outdone in power, was scared that the Soviet Union would gain sufficient power to conquer the entire European continent through irrepressible force and the domino effect. In response to Stalin’s claim, America proposed the policy of Containment to stem the spread of Communism, and the Soviet Union’s ascension to greater power. In response, The Iron curtain was “drawn” and divided Europe into Pro-Communism against Pro-Capitalist. (The Berlin Wall would ultimately be built to act as a scar between America and the Soviet Union). The heated relationship between the two countries led to the Cold War, with no direct battlefront action, yet intense policy affairs between their polar political views.
The results of WWII left most of the Eu...

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...he NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Partly organized due to the fear presented by the Berlin Blockade, the NATO declared that if any included member was attacked, that their homies would back them up. Signed by thirteen European Nations, Canada, and the U.S., the spread of Communism was jammed at the moment.
To America, the spread of Communism meant the beginning of the next world war. Throughout the rest of the Cold War, constant threats for and against Communism were not uncommonly exchanged and left the world holding their breath against nuclear fallouts. America does not always support the cause that is morally right and makes multiple mistakes in their attempts to sustain freedom to all Nations. Thankfully, the two warring Nations will later come to terms of agreement, and allow the world to progress more or less in peace, but progress none the less.
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