Post Modern Design Of Architecture

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‘The Architectural Technologist draws design inspiration from the development over time of diverging architectural genres’

The objective of this report is to explore the above statement in relation to a building of my choice, the building can be modern, post modern or post-post modern. In doing this I am required to discuss the historical formation of the movement and analyse the building I chose with particular reference to technologies.

The ‘History of Architecture’ module itself and the topic of this assignment was interesting and rewarding. It is remarkable to see how the design of buildings has evolved throughout history.

I decided to choose a post-post modern building as I am particularly interested in this area. These buildings are most interesting to me as they are so well designed to function in todays world where there are huge demands to lower our impact on the environment. The materials and technology used as well as the genius ways in which passive techniques are being achieved is fascinating to me.

In the First Section I will discuss briefly how we got to where we are today, in terms of the post-postmodern movement.

In the Second Section, I will shift the focus to the building of my choice where I will analyse the building’s characteristics and technologies.

In the final section I will offer my conclusions and recommendations.


Every Architectural style that has occurred throughout human civilization on this planet has been in response to something; a need for things to change. Whether that was for fashion, beliefs, religions or the emergence of new technologies that allowed us to build differently, everything happened for a reason as a result of something.

For example, in the...

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...ominant form. The new dominant form is emerging which we are currently referring to as Post-Postmodernism.

Like every other architectural form which has emerged in the past, this new form has emerged for a reason, as a result of something. Post-Post modernism has formed through our desire to lower our impact on the environment. The need to fface up to the fact of climate change while still offering occupants the comfort they need. These buildings are masterpieces of intelligent design, using the most innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and maximise user experience.

The post postmodern buildings are rising above the traditional building techniques, intricate plaster detailing, fancy corrinthian columns are all seeming to be no longer important, especially when the construction of such things is likely to cause further damage to the environment.
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