Post Modern Animation Essay

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Post-modern animation is a very broad subject matter with a wide spectrum of components which constitute its definition. Post-modernism as a single unit in itself has such a wide application across various different platforms; from artistic, to cultural, economical and the most proliferant architecture; with numerous academic arguments aiming to define it, the easiest way in which to view it is as a movement, with particular elements that construct its meaning. In addition, animation too is so broad and varied with such a wide scope of individuality and styles, that the term post-modernism could arguably be seen overused by critics, making it rapidly becoming amorphous, losing its significance. A post-modern animation could therefore be correctly deemed so, by adhering to the various characteristics of post modernity as established by the conceptual masterpiece of philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard and other relative theorists. The most definitive of these characteristics being its questioning of Grand narrative, ratiocination and lack of deductive explanation particularly through an avoidance of narrative closure. Burgeoning on parody, appropriation and the use of pastiche, post modernist animations breakdown boundaries between high and low cultural forms, creating disorientating ambience without certainty. Throughout this essay I will be focusing on the effects of post-modernity in mainstream animated works, most predominately those within popular film and television. In a setting as rigid and conformist as Hollywood, due to their need to appeal to mass audiences in order to create revenue, there is little room for the experimentation and individuality that post-modernism encourages. Although independent art house animations are... ... middle of paper ... ...nt of social constraints over humanity. Programmed into our system from a young, we learn society exists off hierarchy and differences in social class making the influence of these just to strong to be avoided as elements of this will always seep through into animated works, even if done so unknowingly or unintentionally through the subconscious. As a result of this, post-modernism and its belief of breaking social forms can never be fully achieved as hegemonic domination will always have some sway over the final production, particularly in a setting as conformist as Hollywood. Having said that, an increasing number of animations, as explored throughout this essay, are attempting to incorporate post-modernistic techniques into their production making for a refreshing outlook on media and narrative structure which may eventually result in a truly post-modern work.
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