Post Impressionism

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Post Impressionism was not a certain movement or style, it was derived from another style from upcoming artist. These artist were upcoming artist in the 19th century who disagreed with the form or style of Impressionism and its limitations. The artist had developed ways to express emotion, symbolic, and spiritual elements that were missing from Impressionism. Impressionism was the first style of art that had became mainstream and popular in its day and age but for the upcoming artist its limitations made things difficult. Artists by the name of Vincent Van Gough, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gaugin, and George Saurat found was to overcome the boundaries of Impressionism and later set the Foundations for the 20th century artists. Their name was derived from the title of the exhibition 'Manet and the Post-Impressionist'( The artist Paul Gaugin had used certain words to separate his art from Impressionism art such as Cloisonism, Synthesim and Sybolism. He used Cloisonism for his bold outlines and his flat color. Gaugin also used Synthism to synthesize his art with smaller shapes but to show more emotion and power. Gaugin most famous art was the Yellow Christ, it shows a traditional Breton women praying on the road but it was used to portray the spiritual feeling they get when they pray through the color. Most of Gaugin art symbolized religious themes his disposition led him to many places around the world such as
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Brittany, Panama and Province but then he finally settled in Polynesia. He tried to escape the industrialized European land and was trying to find an a untouched land that had beauty so he could just chill and paint. When reached Tahiti he had developed some more by the name of Hail Mary that...

... middle of paper ... drew full nude paintings and this painting was inspired by his very first painting with the same theme. In his paintings in the mid 1870’s Cezanne decided to switch up his paintings from being so thickly and began to express technical problems to add dimensions into his art. Later on around 1895 Cezanne popularity as an artist grew quickly at his first one man exhibition in Paris. Posthumous exhibition in Paris around 1907 announced Cezanne artistic legacy.

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