Post- Analysis

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Cross-cultural psychology helped me learn a variety of things this semester. When I first came into this class, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous and intimidated by the subject. I have taken a diversity course in psychology at community college, but I left without any knowledge of culture. In this class, I learned to appreciate culture. As I self-reflected on this class, I learned that I never appreciated how each culture is special .One of the things that I was expecting from this course was to look at psychology from a different viewpoint. I wanted to learn something that I never learned before and challenge my knowledge. This class accomplished that for me.
There are a few things I learned that will stick with me for life. One of the things I learned is cross-cultural parenting. I was always interested in the subject of secure attachment. When I learned about secure attachment, I never bothered to think about this subject cross-culturally. I learned that there are different ways that parents raise children. Different child-rearing techniques result in different behavio...
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