Possible Areas of Conflict Between the Human Resources Functions

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Possible Areas of Conflict Between the Human Resources Functions

A business can get a lot of conflict between the human resource

functions, which are human resource planning, recruitment and

selection, training and development and performance management.

Safeway need to avoid as much conflict as possible, however this is

not always easy, because they need to think of other functions for

example; the recruitment and selection programme may be recruiting

people that don't have the relevant skills. The training and

developing team will not be happy in the way that they have recruited

and selected these people because they will have to train them of

things they should already know which is frustrating.

If this occurred in Safeway this will be very time consuming and lead

to many problems. Problems will occur because they have all of these

new staff waiting to be trained but they don't know what to do. So the

staff will have to be shown how to do a specific job by existing

workers, because Safeway do on the job training. While this is

happening the shop floor will have fewer workers. And it will

gradually get untidy also shelves will slowly get empty which will not

impress customers. So for this conflict to be avoided they would have

to look carefully and have to assess the recruiting and selection

programme more thoroughly and the same would have to be done with

training and developing. If this is done they should be able to

communicate with each other and recruit the

most suitable people. This conflict would generate two major problems

which were time consuming and costly.

Another conflict may be between performance management and training

and developing. This is because the employees are getting trained but

they may not be using this training to benefit their performance, so

the performance management team may feel that the employee has not

been trained in those specific areas when he/she has. So they may

think that training is not given effectively. So the employees that

did not follow training have generated this conflict.
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