Positivist Crimonology

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Positivist criminology is a method in which data is collected, using observable factors, to explains why people commit crimes or act deviant (Beirne& Messerschmidt, 2006). A positivist theory call Anomie theory was created by Emile Durkheim, but I agree with Robert Merton's/Cohen''s explanation of it. Merton thought society gives goals to individuals, with out the tools to obtain them, in which this causes deviant behavior. Merton talks about goals being set for individual's which can't always be obtained legally. Where I live Washington Heights, drug dealing is popular, and I know people who sell them. One of my friends parents sells drugs because he can't obtain a job and doesn't speak English well. With so much stress on him to support his family he has resulted to selling drugs to support his family. The class system of the United States pressures individuals to want to gain progress financially and socially. In some cases this progress can’t be obtain legally and leads people to act deviant.

One illegitimate mean of gaining success are white collar crimes, in which a person uses their normal work to commit crimes. White collar crime is a crime committed by a person of respectable high social status in the course of his or her occupation. White collar crimes tend to do the most social harm and usually committed by members of the upper class (Beirne & Messerschmidt, 2006). White collar crime shows that not only the poor committed crimes. White collar crimes usually occurred in companies that are large. Some white collar crimes are credit card fraud, and bank fraud. Another type of white collar crime is embezzlement, in which funds are granted to a trusted person and the trusted person takes some of the money (Keel, 2008). ...

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...rd for some of the children to learn. Especially one of my friends that I knew just decided to drop out because he felt as if school wasn’t for him. The movie was true where rich children get better education because their parents have very high ranking jobs or lots of money. Also some of the children in the school felt like outcast because they were from lower income areas compared to those who had rich parents. Also one of my teachers a while ago told me that people whose parents have high ranking jobs pass on better business etiquette to their children. I don’t know if it’s true for all , but I think this is true in America where if your parents know more about business the child is more likely to succeed.

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