Positive and Negative Body Image of Yourself

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Body image seems to be a very important thing when it comes to development alone. At some pouint in time everyone is concerned with their body image and how they look. Your body is image is the way you feel personally about your body. Despite what others say and others opinions, most of the time people have a personalized image of what they look like whether it may be what they actually look like or not. Some people have good body images of themselves while others do not. Most often girls have bigger issues with body image than guys do buy guys alos have problems with body image sometimes. The issue with body image usually occurs in adolescence and continues into midlife as well. It is good to have a positive body image of yourself because it makes you feel better about yourself, people with negative body images of themselves may go to drastic measures to try to change it and that can harm them. Media plays a big role when it comes to body image because the media shows off these idealistic bodies that males and females should have.

Someone who has a positive body image of themselves is someone who feels good with the the body that their in. They may have little problems with their body but for the most part they are hyappy with what the have and feel fine about it. Someone who has a negative body image of themselves does not like the way they look because they think they might be to small or maybe to big etc. Body image isn’t always permanent as you grow older and develop new things your body image can change. It is up to the individual to decide whther or not they are happy with the skin their in. A person has to feel good about themselves before anything in order to be able to accept themselves. According to Rai...

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...e themselves to younger women. Women’s magazines promote weight loss, dieting and exercise much more than it is prooted in men’s magazines (Guillen & Barr, 1994). Many believe that mostly only adolescents have eating disorders but this is not true. People in midlife also suffer from eating disorders, the longer eating disorders are left untreated they can cause very harmful effects.

In conclusion we se how body image, although it may sem like a minor thing can greatly affect individuals. Whether it is in a positive or negative way body image always plays a rol in an individuals life and everyone is affected by it in different ways. We see significant repetition when it comes to girls who don’t like their bodies. Even boys try to become taller and muscular. Everyone has an ideal body image they wish to have and some are just comfortable in their own skin.