Positive Work Environment Essay

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Running head: EFFECTIVE NURSING LEADERSHIP 1 Effective Leadership in a Positive Work Environment Magdonald Aime Nenita Maroney Phethoudone Nachampassak Nataly Sanchez Merry Joy Vandewerken Karen Virviescas Florida SouthWestern State College Effective Leadership in a Positive Work Environment Several challenges have faced leadership in the nursing environment. These challenges have been greatly attributed to insubordination, lack of proper communication and many other factors that hinder the establishment of a positive work environment (Stagman-Tyrer, 2014). A positive work environment is that which enables nurses to be involved in decision-making, regards nurses in making healthcare policy, gives an opportunity for each health officer to advance, unites members of the nursing team towards a common goal and provides accessible education on…show more content…
They also need to advocate for changes that will make them develop leadership skills. A positive working environment for nurses is a requirement for favoring their progress in leadership. Good nursing leadership ensures holistic treatment of patients and improving both curative and preventive healthcare needs. References Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. R. (2014). Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, and management (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby Nagle, L. (2016). Leadership, Loss and What We Wore. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 29(2), 1-3. doi:10.12927/cjnl.2016.24814 Pipe, T., FitzPatrick, K., Doucette, J. N., Cotton, A., & Arnow, D. (2016). The mindful nurse leader. Nursing Management (Springhouse), 47(9), 44-48. doi:10.1097/01.numa.0000491135.83601.3e Stagman-Tyrer, D. (2014). Resiliency and the nurse leader. Nursing Management (Springhouse), 45(6), 46-50.
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