Positive Things You Can Do via the Internet

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Is the Internet really destroying our society? There is currently a lot of debate surrounding the topic of the Internet. On one hand many people feel that the Internet has a negative impact on our society these days. Their reasons include pornographic web sites, spam, piracy, and fraud. People that have a negative outlook on the Internet feel that the use of the Internet should be restricted in order to ensure the safety of the general public. Others, especially teenagers, disagree and say that the internet has a positive impact on our society. The Internet provides people with, communication, information, and the ability to do everyday tasks, such as banking, paying bills, and shopping.

First of all, the Internet is good for communication. Communication is probably the most popular usage of the Internet. Examples of communication on the Internet would include live chatting, blogging, messaging, and e-mailing. Some of the more popular websites for communication are Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Between 75 and 90 percent of teenagers in the United States use the Internet to e-mail, instant message (IM), and visit chat rooms. The Internet has made stamps and phone calls nearly obsolete. An e-mail takes seconds to get to the receiver around the world compared to days with the United States Postal Service. Soldiers overseas use the Internet to communicate with their family members back in the States. College students can stay in closer contact with their professor via e-mail on the Internet to discuss assignments or grades.

Second, the Internet is very useful for information purposes. The Internet is commonly used for research because of its limitless information. Whether you are researching something as complicated as a medica...

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... bad influence, it is good. The only harm comes from those who do not use it properly, or who do not know how to stay away from malicious people or websites. Using common sense rules, the Internet can be a very beneficial positive asset.

If there are so many negative issues regarding the Internet, then why is the statistical data showing a positive increase in the way the Internet is being used? The answer to that is easy. People are very busy and always on the go and the Internet is making life more simple and convenient for all. I recommended that people should use caution while on the Internet to avoid harmful situations. When given the benefits of the Internet, one can easily conclude that the benefits outweigh any negative cons that some say are destroying our society. We should not let people limit our Internet usage based on their negative perspectives.
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