Positive Self Talk Essay

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I frequently think about the effects of words on the healing body and mind. One of the things that I focus on in my therapeutic pursuits is "positive self talk," wherein I try to take those automatic negative statements my brain tosses out and change the dialogue to something more productive.

When I 'm triggered by a situation, the chemicals that rush my system cause a negative emotional reaction and my default statements are pretty brutal. Here is a short list of things that play repeatedly (and loudly) in my head when I 'm in an emotionally vulnerable place like a meltdown or suicidal distress:

"You stupid bitch. You 're so fucking stupid. You deserve to be alone. You 're dumb. You 're ugly and horrible. You 're an awful monster and no one will ever love you. You 're just stupid and worthless. Why do you bother living? No one wants you. No one will ever want you. You 're a burden and you drag everyone down. You make everyone miserable. You 're fat and disgusting."

I don 't believe these things, but when I 'm in that fragile place, I listen to that negative voice reel and I let it carry me away. It fuels my crying. It fuels my meltdowns. It fuels my shame about simple mistakes. It fuels my guilt complexes. Self talk is powerful and, if left unchecked, our internal dialogue can be our downfall.

But it
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Guided hypnosis is very similar to meditation in that you reach a relaxed state. However, with guided hypnosis, you 're also hearing a message. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to hypnosis, but the best I 've found is by Jody Whiteley. Her YouTube channel has guided hypnosis sessions for everything from insomnia to depression and anxiety. Sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours. Her creepy voice has gotten me through a great deal of stress. If meditation doesn 't work for you because you have trouble focusing your mind on your own, this might be a great

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