Positive Role In Education Essay

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Have you heard the old adage.It takes a village to raise a child”. Even in today’s busy world where villages are almost not good and neighborhoods are not closely knit as they once were, this saying holds true. The same principle applies to the child’s education, it takes more than a good school to educate children, just as takes more than a good home to make children well adjusted. In order for child’s succeed academically and beyond, parents must go extra steps to work in building a strong community and strong relationship with the child’s teacher. Parents want and need information about what’s happening in the child’s day at school, and from simple questions that the parents ask their children such as, “how was school today?”, “how…show more content…
So helping the children finish their homework and assignment give them a power to keep them going forward and be able to finish their work in time. Another factor in grades is attendance, which low attendance rate lead the student to be missed assignments and will get behind in content as well. Parents who do not get involved in the school might not know that their child is not attending on a regular basis, or even care if their child goes. According to . So create a home environment for the children that encourages learning, tend to achieve more and generally achieve better grades, test scores and attendance. As the parents follow their child’s education at home, they should keep following that at school too by building a strong communicate with the child’s teacher on a regular basis, not just at parent-teacher conferences. For example, parents talk to their children and becoming involved in the school conveys a message to the child of education being important. Parents should be talking with their child’s teacher and let her know about their family, more she knows about the child is better, she will be able to connect with the child. So a positive parent-teacher relationship helps the children feel delight about school and be successful in school, it demonstrates to the child that she/he can trust her/his teacher because the parents do. This positive relationship makes a child like the important people in her/his life are working
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