Positive Relationships Essay

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Factor Describe any explain how this factor can potentially have a positive influence on workplace relationships Describe any explain how this factor can potentially have a negative influence on workplace relationships 1. Leadership Leadership is very helpful for all the team because it helps in achieving the goal. On the other hand, leadership sometime breaks some relationship because bossy attitude of the leader affects the relationships. 2. Quality of work Quality of work helps to motivate all the staff and it increase some cooperation in the team. On the flip side, quality of work increases the stress for all the team and they start blaming each other for the incompletion of the work. 3. Consultation When we consult to any other member of the team and the team leader it make some bonding and good…show more content…
Values and belief systems If group members belief and values match with each other and they understand each other then the relationship is good in team members. But if the values and beliefs do not match with each other then it creates lot of problems which badly effects the relationship. 6. Stakeholders Stakeholders of the company have the right to organise some events which helps to maintain good relationship in the organisation. On the other hand, stakeholders, create problems in the organisation for the company’s profit. QUESTION 1. Evaluate how different factors can have appositive or negative impact on your workplace relationships. Question 2. Describe how you have formed and maintained two positive relationships in the workplace. Answer : Workplace relationship #1 The working relationship with Anika Vats Formal relationship This is the formal relationship. It is formal relation between Student and the professor. Identify two strategies you used to ESTABLISH and maintain a postive workplace relationship with this
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