Positive Psychology Influencing: The onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health

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Positive Psychology Influencing The Onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health There have been numerous studies in the realm of Positive Psychology and the effects it can influence in other sectors of a person’s overall wellbeing, especially in terms of attaining a positive mindset and treatment of negative general disorders, the short term benefits of a positive psychological outlook and the long term health and lifestyle benefits that are produced from it. In a 2006 journal article, Park, Peterson & Seligman stated that character strengths that were most associated with positive life satisfaction, and thereby positive psychology attaining a positive lifestyle, were hope, zest, gratitude and love. This paper examines how a person through gaining a positive psychological outlook through treatment or otherwise can have short term benefits that lead into long term gains in creating a positive lifestyle and achieving positive health. The Influences of the Mind on the Body and The Benefits of a Positive Mental State The effect that the mind on the body in terms of a negative psychology has already been well documented, with the Mental Health Organisation of the United Kingdom has found that Depression has been linked to a 67% increased risk of death from heart disease and a 50% increased risk of death from cancer, while sufferers of Schizophrenia had double the risk of death from Heart Disease and three times the risk of death from respiratory disease (2014). The Mental Health Organization go on to say that this increased risk is due to those that suffer a negative psychological condition often do not get the healthcare they are entitled to due to being less likely to receive routine checks that might find physical abnormalit... ... middle of paper ... ... Lyubomirsky, S., Sheldon, K., & Schkade, D. (2005). Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change. Review Of General Psychology, 9(2), 111. WebsitePhysical Health and Mental Health Mentalhealth.org.uk Physical Health and Mental Health In-text: (Mentalhealth.org.uk, 2014) Bibliography: Mentalhealth.org.uk,. (2014). Physical Health and Mental Health. Retrieved 14 May 2014, from http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-a-z/P/physical-health-mental-health/ BookAuthentic happiness Seligman, M. E. P. Authentic happiness In-text: (Seligman, 2002) Bibliography: Seligman, M. (2002). Authentic happiness (1st ed.). New York: Free Press. BookThe origin of everyday moods Thayer, R. E. The origin of everyday moods In-text: (Thayer, 1996) Bibliography: Thayer, R. (1996). The origin of everyday moods (1st ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

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