Positive Habits of Relationships in the Book Fall in Love Stay in Love by Wilard Harley

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Positive Habits of Relationships in the Book Fall in Love Stay in Love by Wilard Harley Willard Harley, the author of His Needs Her Needs, has written a follow up book discussing the insights and techniques for building and sustaining the feeling of love in marriage. The name of this book is Fall In Love Stay In Love. The objective for this book is to help people fall in love by learning how to meet each others needs, and it goes further by showing what habits to avoid in order to stay in love. This book has very realistic concepts because Harley is speaking from experience. He is a marriage counselor and has used his philosophy on bringing couples together in a loving relationship many times. If a family were to take the steps provided in his book, there is a good chance they will benefit from them. Dr. Harley understands that there are people involved in a number of problems when it comes to marriage. He says, "Granted, poor communication, failure to resolve conflicts, and fighting all contribute to the loss of love. But these are also symptoms of lost love. In other words, I began to realize that if I wanted to save marriages, I would have to go beyond improving communication. I would have to learn how to restore love". He does not look at the problems that are visible on the outside, but realizes that these problems are caused by something much deeper than simply bad attitudes or consistent mistakes. There is one idea the author has though that may turn the reader away from the book. This idea is that love is not a mystery. To some people this idea of love being a mystery may create some problems. The way people have viewed love since a very young age tells them that love is nothing less than magical. People... ... middle of paper ... ...rd Harley is a well known marriage counselor, but it would have given him more credibility if he would have included case studies to support his work. This would also give the reader confidence in obtaining the goals of the book. After reading this book and discussing the different steps, views, and concepts with my girlfriend, I would definitely recommend this book to other couples. Falling in love is one thing, which can certainly be done without following steps that are in this book, but staying in love is definitely a challenge for some couples. By following the guidelines that are presented in Fall In Love Stay In Love, I can see that there is a potential for couples to be redirected in their love relationships. If it does not change your behavior, it will at least make you think about the ways you can act and how it affects the one that loves you most.

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