Positive Effects of Sports on At Risk Youth

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Positive Effects of Sports on At Risk Youth Sports provide many opportunities for our youth today. In fact the British used sports in educational institutions to develop socialization, social control, and character on their youth (Sage 1986). Sports also provides an obvious form of entertainment in many societies as well. Many role models, heroes, and idols can originate from sports. It also provides a mean of recreation for youth to participate in and spend some free time on something constructive. This study agrees that sport does apply a lot of benefits for our youth, but what does it do for youths that are in a higher risk environment? Children brought up with factors that increase their chances of involvement with lifestyle compromising activities, for the purposes of this study, will be referred to as "at-risk youth". Lifestyle compromising activities can also be seen as a type of delinquent behavior. These kinds of behaviors are not kinds that are ideal for a youth to grow up with into adulthood. Some of the delinquent behavior performed by at-risk youth include criminal activities such as the use of drugs and alcohol. Other behaviors like violence, truancy, and depression can also be originated by delinquent behavior (The Bureau for At-Risk Youth 1996). What can be done to prevent at-risk youth to participate in lifestyle compromising activities? Many studies have recommended many different kinds of solutions. This study will discuss, although it is not the answer, how sport positively effects the behaviors of an at-risk youth. METHOD One of the first tasks that the writer had to accomplish was to learn how to write a research paper. This feat was attempted by reading articles and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ort could provide it could possibly make all of our lives a little more fulfilling. Bibliography: BIBLIOGRAPHY Spott and Doob. "Bad,sad, and rejected: The lives of agressive children." Canadian journal of Criminology (April 2000): 36-54 Sage, G. "Effects of Physical Activity on Children". American Academy of Physical Education Papers No.19 (1986): 22-29 Collingwood. "Providing Physical Fitness Programs to At-Risk Youth." Quest. (Feb 1997): 67-84 Serok and Blum. "Games: a treament vehicle for delinquent youth." Crime and Delinquency (July 1979): 358-365 Feigin,N. "Participation in High School Competitive Sports: A Subversion of School Mission or Contribution to Academic Goals." Sociology of Sport (Sept 1994): 211-230 Paluska and Scwenk. "Physical Activity and Mental Health:Current Concepts." Sports Medicine (Mar 2000): 167-180
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