Positive Effects Of The British Empire

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Some see the British Empire and its colonization of much of the world as all bad. While it is true they have hindered and hurt many nations and cultures, they also did bring some good to their colonies. India is a nation perfect to show the influence of British colonization, they have the largest English speaking population outside of the US at 125 million people fluent in English, they have adopted much of British’s government policies and framework, and lastly the game of Cricket. British involvement on the Indian subcontinent began early in the 17th Century through the British East India Company and its business ventures and dealings. The early British Empire was composed of several self-governing colonies.
To start a major positive effect was the British’s aid and improvements on infrastructure. “They had improved telephones and paved roads, brought cars, trains, and postal networks. This was a positive effect because it boosted the economy, standard of living and the flow of information and people.” (Nechtman). Though this had most likely been done to improve the colonizers lifestyle, it was not to be taken for granted. The
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But this was to only an advantage post colonial India. An aspect of disadvantageous effects brought on to India were among many different factors. “One being Indian handcrafted goods and that they were taxed heavily when sent out of the country. The British government had imposed a protective tariff on Indian textiles. Within a few years of this, India went from being an exporter of clothes to being an exporter of raw cotton and an importer of British made clothes. This industrial reversal had a huge impact on the Indian handloom weaving industry, leading to its eventual collapse.” (Barfoot and D
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