Positive Effects Of Obamacare

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was put in place to provide Americans with a reasonably priced and cost effective health care system by designing an insurance system that put low costs in place and expands coverage. Also known as Obamacare, this new healthcare system could actively effect the economy we live in today in many different aspects, both positively and negatively.
On a positive note, the Affordable Care Act can affect our nation in a beneficial and convenient way. The ACA will help expand the number of citizens in America with healthcare insurance. In an article by Ezra Klein, a Washington Post journalist, she discusses the positive effects of the Affordable Care Act on our nation's economy. As mentioned in the article, Obamacare will have a definite effect on lowering the amount of people without healthcare in the United States. The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) suggests and estimates that by 2022, there will be thirty-three million more Americans with healthcare, who without the Affordable Care Act in place, would be at loss of health insurance(Klein, “11 Facts about the Affordable Care Act”).
Additionally, the Affordable Care Act will also help save Americans a large sum of money accumulatively with the benefit of having lower healthcare costs. In Jason Furman's economic research regarding the ACA, he has concluded a few points that could positively affect the workforce and economy as a whole. He concludes that with the lower healthcare costs, employers will have the benefit of a surplus of money as a result of the lower healthcare costs. With this plethora of money, these employers can use their capital for the purpose of employing an extra employee or two if necessary, or paying their c...

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...at Doctors May Not Know About Obamacare – And What They Need to Know. It was shown in a study that in some physicians offices, their annual salaries could decrease as to much as seventy five percent of what they were making before; a substantial decrease in their pay. Although more patients will come in as a result of the act being passed, the costs will be much less and result in a loss of income. Along with private practices, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect hospitals all across the country. Hospitals nationwide agreed with the government after the ACA was passed to accept one hundred fifty five billion dollars in cuts over the next ten years(Naether,“What Doctors May Not Know About Obamacare – And What They Need to Know”). The reason for all of this is because, for Obamacare to succeed, it is a necessity for doctors to earn net less.

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