Positive Effects Of Colonialism In Africa

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The “scramble for Africa” many may call it. This push for amplification and extension has allowed historians to decipher the underlying impacts and revisions it has caused on the course of these mass continents. This imperialistic mindset Europeans had and the sense of “white man’s burden” were seen in the actions taken when taking the small African countries. The effects of European Colonialism in Africa had great impact that shaped the life and history of African people as well as the European imperialist. These Europeans countries imposed on the African tribes yet created commercial growth, bureaucratic policies and social advancements towards better living in the process .( www.Newcanaan.k12ct.us). The Europeans military armies…show more content…
These vying countries were interested in the control of waterways and trade routes as well as for future usage for example free trade. These world powers set up industries within their colonies to boost profits and inevitably made industrialization of the colonies grow immensely. Exportation of raw materials pushed for conquest yet caused poverty onto the African land. Colonialism was seen as a monopoly ideology, a prominent necessity and enhancer to the “mother country”. Some may argue this was even seen as a later sense of mercantilism but as well as early capitalistic views.
On the hand, there were some positive and negative to the colonialization in South Africa. Some positive influence were introduced to native people like weapons, tools machines, and farming equipment. Also the plenty of opportunities learned the English language further enhance learning facilities. In addition the community discovered Christianity and conducting missionaries’ duties to other tribes. The native Africans were educated on how to create new food from the British culture. As the years goes by there were different government policies that were also introduced to South
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