Positive Attitude In The Henry Ford Company

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Henry ford, a car maker, once said “If you think you can do a thing or think you can 't do a thing, you 're right.” Henry ford failed two times before succeeding his third ford The Henry Ford Company. His first, Detroit Automobile Company, had folded after Ford failed to ship a working automobile. The second, the Henry Ford Company, later known as, Cadillac Automobile Company after some time it failed partnership dealings. And the last became known as the Henry Ford Company. This shows If you think you can do a thing or think you can 't do a thing, you 're right, because he had a positive attitude and he was able to make his 3rd company a success. this is a quote about how you need to have a positive attitude to succeed this quote applies to my experience as a cross-country runner and thomas alva edison inventing the lightbulb.
The positive attitude shown in henry ford quote is shown in my biggest race in all of middle New Jersey, the summit invitational. in this
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in cross country i was very nervous but i had to remember the importance of positive attitude. Henry Ford’s words about postive attitude became real to me at that point; the moment the race finished i cheered for i had gotten a medal. i thomas edison 's invention of the lightbulb he feels the simarlar success that comes from positive attitude. Thomas Edisons invention helps the world but took so long to make because he needed a postitve attitude. Because of that, quotes like Henry Ford’s “If you think you can do a thing or think you can 't do a thing, you 're right” will always be relevant. As long as people have a positive attitude it will lead people to success and prosperity. As long as there is the possibility of change, people will always try to move toward better things. And as long as there are people to success and prosperity, there will be be a positive attitude in the
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