Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Education Essay

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The assignment below talks about the positive and negative impacts on how technology is being used on education. Technology has revolutionized how individuals communicate and learn in modern aspects of life. Teachers should not fear open-source technology. The open-source technologies are secure, stable and able to compete with other platforms. Students in schools can use online portfolios to allow them to express creativity for difficult to access subjects. Online portfolios have different advantages over paper based on learning.
Technology has played a major role in different aspects of our lives, most in the education system and for students in different schools. This process can
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Schools must use technology that empowers teachers. Teachers reject education technologies that divert their attention from instructing. The best education stops teachers to do more with fewer resources. Teacher-empowering technologies include mobile applications that grade written student’s work and provide lesson plan databases. (McCray, G.E. 2001) The system of the school needs to focus on what works for their teachers and put all other unworkable technologies aside. Teachers should treat the adoption of technology as part of a lesson they can incorporate technology directly into their practice and insulate their students from the deleterious effect of policy churn. Teachers in schools use smart boards which are advanced and offer different ways of teaching to students in schools. This teaching progress in technology has had positive effects on education. (Stein, D. 2004) iPads in schools are useful for students in many different ways, it keeps students updated with their assignments and finding many reliable sources of information in seconds. When students open an application on iPads they can keep up to date with politics, sports and other events as well. In this case, students will be educated and well informed. This progress changes the way students are progressing information and effects on their education. (McCray, G.E.

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