Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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Overall, are the effects of social networking beneficial or detrimental to people and/ or society?

If I ask you a question whether you have a Facebook account or not, You would probably say yes?. Social networking has become a global phenomenon and it is being used everywhere and even now when we are discussing. Today, Most of us use some form of social media every day whether it’s for personal communication, self-promotion or marketing. Nowadays people want the news fast and they want to talk about it. Technological advancements have made it easier for people to express themselves and gather news through social media platforms. Social networking may have some negative effects on the society and people but in spite of its dark side it also helps the society in many ways such as like It’s supportive and provides safety information during a crisis, valuable aid of crime solving, form of political influence, best way to connect across vast distances and revolutionized brand engagement (Rupert, 2013). Social media with the help of change in technology has helped the people in creating awareness and knowledge about what is the happening around the world in terms of all aspects and update them with the recent news and current trends. Social networking is more beneficial and a valuable to the people and the society as it contains useful resources which is helpful in changing our lifestyle and our way of thinking, helpful in fast communication and business development.
Social media has contributed to the society in many ways in such a way it is helpful in changing it to a better one such as:
1. It is highly useful during natural disasters and calamities to exchange information:
During disasters most of the people didn’t have power, bu...

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