Positive And Negative Effects Of Nuclear Power

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Nearly 75 years ago, man split the atom and ushered in an entirely new future for humans. Globally, nuclear power has had a positive and negative impact on society. As the demand for electricity increased during the 20th century into the 21st century nuclear energy provided a cleaner and cheaper resource as well as resulting in a positive impact on society by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing air pollution related deaths. As the demand for global energy rises, nuclear energy is the world 's largest source of emission-free energy and has more energy than any other fuels on earth in a weight to energy produced ratio. Nuclear power plants are capable of providing larger amount of energy in a minimum amount of space. As the scientists at The Nuclear Fuel Cycle wrote : “Typically, some 44 million kilowatts per hour of electricity are produced from one ton of natural Uranium. The production of this amount of electrical power from fossil fuels would require the burning over 20,000 tons of black coal or 8.5 million cubic meters of gas.” Nuclear energy has very high volume to energy production ratio; this is due to the elements which are used as nuclear fuels such as uranium, plutonium, and other nuclear elements which are used as nuclear fuels. Nuclear fuels release their potential chemical energy…show more content…
Fossil fuels are going to have his toll, as predicted, that world would be running out of fossil fuels in hundred years. For example, drilling for fossil fuels has their effects in Oklahoma, where the earthquakes recur more often and stronger than ever before. If Nuclear power, the best, is not begin to use more and more to meet the needs of the ever needy electricity world then the earth will face significant natural disasters. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another, until, a new form of energy emerges, and nuclear energy is
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