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Ethical Issue: Testing on animals Position perspective: Testing on animals is not right
Testing on animals is morally wrong thing to do since animals have a life too, so their life is worth the same as a human being’s life. So, why should humans test on animals for their own safety and benefit? In my opinion it is totally wrong to test on animals because they have a life too and their lives weigh the same importance as human being life. It does not matter whether scientists are testing on rats, dogs or dolphin since they all are important for our ecosystem to continue functioning just like humans.
Testing on animals is actually very harmful for the animals as the chemicals or drugs may kill them. Also, it is cruel and selfishness since scientists are experimenting on animals for their own benefits without even thinking about the poor animals. Animal testing kills so many innocent animals every year since researchers used animals as tools for human medications and testing cosmetics on the animals gives them a painful death in most cases. As well, dissection in science classes is also another form of testing since the students open up the animal’s body just to find out how it works without even feeling pity for that animal.
Some people would agree to test on rats but not on dogs since they have a pet dog. So, for few there is like a hierarchy which clearly states that for some animals testing is okay but for not for others. Few people would argue that testing is not alright on animals even if they are non-vegetarian and they eat animals. According to me...

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...nefits for humans and their society. A veil of ignorant point of view would completely neglect that harm humans are doing to the poor animals by experimenting on them as this perspective would only focus on the advantages of animal testing. The golden mean perspective would feel that animal testing is not right in all circumstances but sometimes experimenting on animals can be right as it can be beneficial for humans although harmful for animals at the same time too.

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