Position Of The United Nations System

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Spring 2014 MGT 705 – Global Issues Position Paper By Siva k Doppalapudi (299895) United Nation was established after World War II with an aim to maintain world peace and Security it had eight millennium Goals The United Nations' system is based on five principal organs the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Secretariat, and the International Court of Justice. Each of this has there won prominent role to world peace. UN General Assembly Decides on the admission of new Member, Adopts the budget and they also elects non-permanent members of UN Security Council and also decides fifteen judges of international court of justices UN Secretariat it supports other body’s administration work like organization of conferences, writing of reports and studies and also it helps in budget planning International Court of Justice Popularly known as universal court It helps in solving disputes between states and it recognizes there jurisdiction UN Security Council This has high prominent role in world peace and security It has fifteen members in which five are permanent they are world war winner USA , France , China , Russia , United Kingdom all these has Veto power Economic and Social Council It is responsible for cooperation between states it deals with economic and social matters This entire five principal organs main goal to keep world peace and to achieve their goals Eradication of Poverty and hunger: UNO launched 771 programs across the world counties like Argentina, Brazil, India, south Sudan and many more countries with a budget of $1793.43 M in 2013 , $1555.36 M in 2014 UNO mainly focused on 1 Poverty eradication and sustainable livelihoods 2.Gende... ... middle of paper ... ...s cholera and infant diarrhea, which kill million people per year and mainly children It’s not lack of enough water its Lacking are the commitments of governments, the technology to help ensure good water and sanitation, and the money to put water programmers into place Helping governments improve technology and hygiene education. When governments are unable to treat wastewater , it leads to better conservation and less waste of fresh water. Using water resources carefully also prevents contamination and lessens the need for water treatment. In collaboration with partners like the EU Water Initiative, US Environmental Protection Agency and the International Water Association, UN works to get support from governments for these goals, and helps them to develop low-cost water and sanitation programs Reference: Wikipedia http://www.unicef.org/ http://www.un.org/
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