Portrayal of Jesus in Mark's Gospel

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Mark is the first and oldest Gospel in the Bible and is one of the three synoptic gospels. The three synoptic gospels are all very similar and they all talk about and portray Jesus from the same point of view. Mark wrote his Gospel to present a clear picture of the person Jesus was, proclaiming his importance and to promote discipleship. His Gospel was directed to the persecuted Christians in Rome at the time and provided them with a sense of hope and faith.

The Gospel of Mark is written using the chiastic structure. This involves the text to being read in a certain way, to create emphasis and individual meaning to specific parts. The text is separated into different sections which correspond with one another, either opposing or similar to the next. The sections contain parallel themes, all linking with each other throughout the Gospel. These sections include: The Wilderness, Galilee, The Way, Jerusalem and The Tomb. Mark’s Gospel does not retell the life of Jesus; it focuses on his work, actions, power and what he did for others. Mark’s Gospel emphasises the qualities and the true...

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