Portrayal Of Women In Advertising Essay

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The Portrayal of Women in Advertising Recent technological advancements have been a leading factor in the increase of communication around the World. Advertising is one of these very significant form of communication. Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business’s product or service. It is used to suit the needs and desires of consumers. As a result those businesses have the hope that people will purchase more. There are a variety of tools used to advertise, one of the most common is models, specifically women. Although the images of women are a great way for large companies to draw in consumers, it influences women in a negative manner. Because of the negative affects that advertisements which use women as objects to promote, women in Western societies are influenced to become uncomfortable in their own skin. As a result, women are losing their identity. Advertisements that portray women propose the ideal image that women should strive to achieve. These ideal looks change the way women perceive their body. In popular culture women in advertisements are portrayed as “eye candy,” in other words, sex symbols. Often times they…show more content…
In her article Women in Modern Print Ads, Lleana Ioan writes, “Slogans like The best business card for a man is a beautiful woman, or My husband says I was the pleasant part of his career show that women in advertising are especially treated as subordinate dolls: sexy, flat and with the emphasis on the body” (45). These slogans often times follow images of corresponding women. The women are dressed in little to no clothing, representing sex symbols. Women are thought of as objects to please others. This leads to negativity toward women, because they begin to feel less than what they are. Even if these slogans are only to increase sales, it encourages women to believe that this is the way they should
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