Portfolio Reflection Of Nursing Education

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Portfolio Synthesis Paper Nursing school has been a journey where I have done and learned new things. It hasn’t always been easy for me during these last few years in nursing, but I pushed myself to do my best and get the most out of my education. There is a lot to reflect on as there has been many different things that I have experienced that have shaped the nursing student I am today. I took the process of being in nursing school step by step and building up my confidence each step of the way. With this portfolio synthesis, I will reflect on how I met the program outcomes in my nursing education and reflect on the artifacts that embodied my accomplishments in the nursing program.
Lived Experiences as a Grand View Nursing Student Many of
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Each patient that I have taken care of has grown into my lifelong learning. For example, my Tapestry of Nursing paper for NURS 331 is a great representation of how I’ve been able to achieve the program outcomes of valuing lifelong learning. Both examples depict how my nursing education guided me to achieve my goals and gain knowledge that I can carry on throughout my nursing career. In NURS 331, I completed my Tapestry of Nursing paper and aesthetic art piece to represent the growth that I had as a nursing student. This artifact of valuing lifelong learning depicts how I learned how to advocate for my patient. In the paper, I tell the story of a patient that I had who was having difficulty breathing and chest pain. I assessed the patient and informed my nurse of the patient’s issue, knowing that the nurse would know more of why my patient was having chest paint and difficulty breathing. This was a situation I reflected on my Tapestry of Nursing paper because it was a moment that I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that had to advocate for my patient and inform the nurse that the patient is needing help. This story is something I’ll always remember and let it guide me to have confidence when advocating for…show more content…
Critical thinking was important for both the care of the patient and for evidence based research. The artifact that best represents my growth in the critical inquiry outcome of the program is my Colleagueship Analysis paper. The colleagueship paper was the base to creating our policy paper for NURS 450. To create the colleagueship paper, I pulled in all the knowledge I learned throughout nursing school about how to collect evidence through research. Forming the paper contained of using my critical thinking of how I would use the evidence I had and utilize it in the paper to explain and make known what issue I was focusing on. I researched several articles and gathered information from personal interviews. As I attained evidence of my policy issue, putting the information together was critical in order to portray the importance of the issue. The research process that began with the colleagueship paper vital for the formation for the final policy analysis in NURS 450. During the process, I found growth in my ability to research and comprehend the evidence I found that related to my
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