Porter's Five Forces

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All companies in the business sector which are in the same market of the industry are impacted by the bargaining, bargaining power of suppliers, intensity of competitive rivalry threat of new entrants in the same market of the industry and threat of substitute products or services All the businesses need to know them well Richard , H . (2007)
1- The extent of the strategy of Rolls Royce in the market is considered to be a deliberate strategy, the company has a great position in the market and has the ability to produce a wide range of products. Rolls Royce is an international firm which has large business that exceeds the borders and reaches to all of the large market in the work in the sector of the aero plane. Atman , M (2009).
The company has made the motor cars since 1971 and has a global business with a lot of customers, the company producing a unique products with an excellent design and produces a high value products such as the civil aerospace which are worth millions of dollars as a price for each unit. The company produces the defense equipment and a lot of tools which are used by the army of the countries in the wars. The company has large abilities in the production and can produce all kinds of the aero engines which are exported to most of the countries in the world. Richard , H . (2007)
The company has a strong name in producing the aircraft and providing the largest modern airlines all over the world with a luxury aero planes .Atman , M (2009)
The company is the major producer in the world of the heavy tools and equipment which are used by the army of a lot of nations, and it is considered to be the powerful brand in the world in delivering the best level of quality to the customers in the world...

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