Pornography is Immoral

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In recent years, the term pornography has been primarily associated with that which is accessed and streamed over the internet, rather than the literal definition of, “obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or not artistic merit.” This form of visual pornography is a popular and successful business as it is viewed for fulfilling pent up sexual desires, however it promotes the act of having multiple sex partners without the need of any commitment. Although it is for this reason that this business is permitted, there are many overlooked, long – term affects that have become topics of controversy. Not only does pornography affect those who indulge in it, but it can influence those who divulge in it as well, especially those who access it at an early age. Thus, I believe pornography is immoral because it negatively influences opinions regarding sex, it promotes more violence in sex, and it creates a difficulty to live a normal lifestyle for those who work in the porn industry.

In our rapidly evolving society, many of our socially accepted standards and rules are being defied and broken as years pass. Examples range from the concept of same sex relationships to legalizing marijuana. Although frowned upon a couple of years ago, in the modern day we find these barriers being broken and the socially accepted standards are being changed. However, these barriers weren’t torn down at random, but they originated from an exposure to the act or substance that was formerly frowned upon. Similar to the above examples, with the growing exposure from and easy access to pornography, the socially accepted standard that associates itself with the act of sex is being changed. Although the changes come ...

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... It has the power to negatively influence opinions regarding sex, to promote more violence and violent acts, and it creates difficulties in the lifestyle of those found in the porn industry. Due to this power that causes harm and problems in society, I believe pornography is immoral to the point at which it is found today, and the situation should be addressed and handled with more appropriate concerns.

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