Pornography And Industr Ensitigraphy

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Sex has been depicted in various ways for as long as we can remember, Poems, stories and books have been written about it, songs have been sung, paintings and pictures and been drawn about it and many more. Sex captures the attention of people, that’s why it is used to sell anything from cars to beers, and it appeals to our human nature, one that craves pleasure and and gratification. However, there has never been a culture so saturated with sex like the western culture at this time and this has its implications. With Post Modernism, comes the idea of subjective morality and with subjective moralism comes the notion of sexual “freedom”, that is the ability to perform whatsoever sexual act with whomever, whenever and for the most part wherever. And so as a result of this, the porn…show more content…
While over sixty percent of men asked in this generation believed pornography to be acceptable in expressing sexuality, almost the same percent, 63, believed the opposite from the previous generation. This simply goes to show that the perceived positive effects of pornography seem to be implied more by this generation simply because of their involvement with it. Research shows that males who are exposed to erotica before the age of 14 are more likely to be involved in more varied sexual activities at a much younger age than men who were not. (Malamuth & Donnerstein, 1984). Pornography’s effect differs for both men and women as both sex’s have different motives and experiences with the porn experience. For women, we find that the biggest sexual health issues related with pornography is related to self esteem. Research shows that plastic surgery has risen enormously in recent times, including breast augmentations and that related to the vaginal area, including labioplasty, hymen replacement, and vaginal tightening, which may be
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