Populist And Progressive Movement

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In the late 1800’s leading up to 1920, reform movements became an integral part within the United States socially, politically and economically. These reform movements were aimed at gradually changing social issues surrounding the economy and the American workforce. During the time after the Civil War, there was great concern for a shaping of a new America. Many of these concerns were shaped around the increasing industrialization and urbanization of the United States after reconstruction ended. Two of the biggest reform movements that helped shape the United States into the unipolar global force it is today revolved around populism and progressivism. This paper will examine both the Populist and Progressive Parties and how each group tried to shape the United States under their own agenda as well as highlighting on the successes and failures that each party had to endure. Although both parties made strong arguments during this era in history, one movement became more successful than the other in conveying their own political, social and economic agendas.
By the time the Civil War was over, the South had seen a dramatic devastation to their economies and industrial sections. It was understood that the South must follow the North’s examples in being able to diversify and develop their economy as well as their industrial and agriculture sectors. This along with roots from the Granger Movement, helped create a new political group that aimed to fight for the rights of farmers, wage laborers, African Americans and poor whites. This grass roots group known as the People’s Party or the Populist Party fought for more government intervention within the United States economy. This movement was founded around the idea of reforming the enti...

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... successful as they intended to be, their core ideas were eventually passed through federal legislation and paved the way for workers, woman, children and minority rights that we exhibit today. For the Progressive movement, their success in being able to change fiscal and social policies of the United States lead to the success and expansion of this movement. The movement that started with taking on big corporations for more government intervention paved the way to many different fiscal policies that the United States still holds today. Their political prowess in fighting for social rights lead to the eventual creation of the New Deal as well as the Fair Deal in the thirties and forties. Being able to examine social and political reform movements is very important when looking at how the United States went on through history eventually becoming a world super power.
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