Population Standard Deviation Help

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Introduction for population standard deviation help: In this article we will discuss about population standard deviation. In probability theory and statistics, the standard deviation of a statistical population, a data group, or a chance distribution is the square root of its inconsistency. Standard deviation is a generally used calculate of the unpredictability or dispersion, being algebraically more tractable though basically less robust than the probable deviation or average absolute deviation. The following formula used to calculate population standard deviation. S = sqrt ((sum(X –M)^2)/N) M – Mean of given values. N – Total number of values. X – Specified value. Example problems for population standard deviation help: Population standard deviation help- Example 1 Find the population standard deviation for following values 67, 76, 60, 65, 62. Solution: (i) Find the mean and deviation for the given values. X = 67, 76, 60, 65, 62. ...
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