Popular Truth

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Popular Truth In order to figure what truth really means to teenager; a series of questions were asked . All these questions led to the concept of truth. Truth is not only being honest to others, but also being honest to yourself. Many responses were sent, but only four responses were decent; most of them were teenagers from the ages 14-17. One thing in common was that they were all females. In order to be able to overcome things in life, the person needs to be true to themselves. Truth can be one of the hardest things to overcome. The majority of the surveys explain how they overcame something with their personality. Mackenzie Helpap believes friends and family influence her life decisions. According to “my fears of trying new things, with the support and trust with my closest friends and family” (Helpap Survey). She believes that with the help of her relatives and friends, she can overcome the hardest things in her life by being true to herself. Lesley Galvan claims, surroundings influence her, “It’s basically hard to be yourself without being judged in a world we live in”(Galvan Survey). Lesley’s statement means her surroundings influence her because she does not want to be judged. Events that have been overcame are influenced by different things. Especially when being true to yourself and others, truth will be easier to overcome the hard situations. Overcoming them will result in happier lifestyle. Happiness is when someone is doing the things they enjoy doing. Taking things for granted is not the best thing to do. Accepting life for how it is and enjoying it, but not hurting is happiness. As Ana Moreno states, “happiness is doing what you enjoy doing best as long as you’re not hurting yourself” (Moreno Survey). Doing wha... ... middle of paper ... ...ews herself. Religion may influence people on their views, but it can also be the opposite. As believed by two respondents; there are two things that contribute to the topic of truth, honesty to yourself and others. Galvan believes telling people the truth about themselves may be hard, but being honest is always the best thing to do. Truth is, “when you [are being] honest to a person, no matter how mad or upset they get” (Galvan Survey). Being honest to others is not the only part of truth, also being truthful to yourself and the things you do are included. Surveys were sent out to help answer what truth could mean. Four of them stuck out for their thorough answers. Questions on the survey were about topics that lead up to truth; happiness, pain, love and religion. These topics best support what truth could mean. There are many steps to the concept of truth.
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