Popular Culture's Impact on the Religious Guidelines of Modern Society

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Popular culture’s exponential progression has no room for the backwards thinking of any religion. Today’s society justifies what is ethical by its own observations and opinions, without always relying on religious doctrines to decide for them. Seeing this type of lifestyle pressures some people to lead double lives, one to please parents, and one to fit in with what society deems as popular. These double lives result in an identity crisis, in which religious values are obscured, and the line between right and wrong slowly starts to dissipate.

Some will argue that the point of religion is having faith without proof, but science is constantly looking for finite answers; and although an explanation such as the Big Bang theory is in fact just a theory, it is a much more feasible answer than the religious belief of seven day Creationism. Religion is subjective, and uses blind faith to explain itself; while science is objective, seeking to find an answer in order to explain and understand the world in which we live. People living in a society where popular culture plays a dominant role i...
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