Popular Culture at the Beginning of the 1960's

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Popular Culture at the Beginning of the 1960's

The early 1960's was a period of time where standard of living was

rising and there was more consumer goods to buy and people were on

higher wages so could now afford luxury items which they would of

never thought of buying. The 1960's was a period of great change,

particularly in the younger generation of people. A good quote from

the Prime Mister at the time sums up the early 60's in a way which

many would agree with, 'you've never had it so good', he said this at

the 1957 general election - but some people still think the late 50's

as 'grey' this reflects the culture of Britain at the time.

The 1960's was a period when there was great change in the music,

teenagers and fashion scene. There were about 5million teenagers of

which many had money to spend, many were spending £8.00 week on

clothes, records, cosmetics and entertainment and were greatly

influenced by goings on in America. These new teenagers like the

new/changing music scene of Rock and Roll, very popular at this time

was Cliff Richard who took the scene by storm, and the women also

regarded him as a sex object in the early 60's. Other seeds of British

music were also a merging at this time, famously The Beatles. Fashion

was also on the change from wearing parents clothes which was

conservative to being know as Teddy boys which were the rockers,

hippies, etc or radical, liberal people.

The adults on the other hand were all conservative and were pretty

much against any change. They also had completely different taste to

music than the teenagers they liked popular easy listening music, like

Frank Sinatra, Joe Loss Orche...

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... confrontation, but their behaviour suggested a weakening of society

and the family in particular, but it was just harmless fun to many.

There was also a great decline in conservatism and a growth of racial

ideas. Source H shows how the olds didn't like the change of youth

culture, "Today youth has money, and teenagers have become a power. In

their struggle to impose their wills upon an adult world, young men

and women have always been blessed with energy, but never until now,

with wealth." This sums up the attitudes of many old people on the

youth during the sixties. The sixties and seventies were decades of

the young, unlike now where the olds have gain status back, this was

properly due to the population pyramid as the number of young people

born after the war was very high meaning more people to help causes

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