Pope Urban II: The Influencer

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In 1095, Pope Urban the second, was the one who declared religious war against the Muslims now known as the Crusades. In order to get an army, plenary indulgences was offered to anyone who joined resulted in tens of thousands joining in on the campaign. This meant that anyone who joined was “cleansed” of their sins by the Pope which helped believers be more pure in the spiritual world. The crusades began in the late eleventh century by the Western European Christians. These Europeans went with armies to take back the Holy Lands which is modern day Israel, or as the Jews and Christians refer to as Palestine. “ The first official armies to take part in the pope’s crusade departed from Kingdoms in Germany, France, and Italy in August 1096 and began to arrive in Constantinople in late 1096 and early 1097” (5). For the next 200 years, Christians and Muslims would battle over the Holy Lands. Many were talked into the campaign. A speech at Clermont that initiated the Crusade had a larger appeal than intended and led to an immediate organization of a popular crusade preached by Peter the Hermit, full of fanatical and ill-prepared participants. On their way to the Holy Land, they attacked Jewish quarters in French and German cities then moved on to Constantinople. After their arrival in Constantinople, they were captured and moved by the Byzantine emperor Alexios I to Anatolia, to only be massacred by the Seljuks at Nicaea. One of the first cities taken by Christians was Nicaea otherwise known as Iznik, Turkey in 1097. Then soon after Antioch, now Hatay Province, Turkey in 1098. The Crusaders reached and captured the center of the Holy Lands, Jerusalem, in June of 1099; they were reduced to half due to starvation, injuries, and sick... ... middle of paper ... ...g after he gained alliance with Roger Crusade and the Greek empire then began reforming by isolating the hostile German Empire Henry the fifth. Soon after would gain military alliance with the first Lombard league in 1093. A few years later, the Crusades would start in urban its command after many desk came to the end of the dark ages Pope urban the second would soon later die In July 29 1299 in Rome, Italy. Works Cited “Crusades.” Gale Student Resources in Context. Detroit: Gale,2010. Student Resources in Context. Web. 24 Mar.2014 “ Pope Urban Calls for Crusades: November 27, 1095.” Global Events: Milestone Events Throughout History. Ed.Jennifer Stock.Vol.4 : Europe. Farmington Hills, MI : Gale, 2013. Student. Resources in Context, Web. 24. 2014 “Urban, II.” Encyclopedia of World Biography. Detroit : Gale, 1998. Student Rescorces in Context. Web. 24 Mar.2014

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