Pope Pius XII: Hitler's Pope?

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Pope Pius XII: Hitler’s Pope?
The Holocaust was a devastating time, which caused an unbelievable number of deaths, so much pain, agony, and turmoil to so many innocent victims. Is it possible that one voice could have made such an impact that they could have saved millions? Could Pope Pius XII have really made that much of a difference? Should he have stepped in? What are the facts? Even though the Vatican’s policy is to remain neutral in world matters to prevent further conflict, the Pope should have done more to help the Jews, and the many others being unfairly prosecuted; had he stepped up and spoke out the Holocaust could have been limited to the extreme that it escalated to. Yes Pope Pius XII apologized, but sorry isn't always enough.
Who was Pius XII
We have all heard the horror stories of the mass murders taking place in Europe by the power hungry Hitler and the Nazi regime. We have been informed of the facts, debunked fiction, and of course many people have all formed our own opinions on all the facts we have been given. However, have you really considered everything? Have you ever considered that just one voice could possibly have such a large effect on an entire population, that this all could be prevented? At this time the church was the most powerful institution still standing that was not under German control at the time (Goldhagen 12). The Pope at this time was Pius XII and he had influence on over 400 million Catholics (Pope Pius XII & the Holocaust). Although Pius XII was not the Pope at the very beginning of the Holocaust he was elected Pope March 2, 1939 (Gutman 1135). Once elected Pope Pius XII was the moral voice of the national churches across the continent of Europe including in Germany and was looked to ...

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