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Pope Francis ' speech to Congress on September 25th 2015 was remarkable in many ways. It was an historically significant because for the first time a Pope was invited to address the United States Congress. Pope Francis is the Vicar of Rome, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, a priest and a Bishop. When he stood before the assembly he was flanked by two prominent American Catholics, Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner. However, Pope Francis was not there to speak only to the Catholic members of the audience, his message was universal and encompassing for all. "I would like to dialogue with all of you." (Pope Francis, Speech to Congress). He defined pressing and dangerous issues for America and the world including…show more content…
Economic hardship around the world causes untold suffering and isolation. He talked about the fair and proper "distribution of wealth.” (Pope Francis) as well as the appropriate use of natural resources. He told Congress that he appreciates the importance of business as a way to create wealth and improve the world but he stresses the need to always consider the common good. which must include the earth. For example, I point to the irreversible damage that has been done to the planet by businesses who sought to grow the economy and provide jobs and products as well as great wealth. Here in Connecticut there are sites which are forever unfit for human habitation due to chemical pollution. Specifically I can mention RayBestos in Stratford and Sponge Rubber in…show more content…
He did not stress Catholic doctrine, those beliefs which would have polarized his audience. Instead, he looked for the common ground. In many cases he found it. Only a misguided few would argue the importance of global warming or the horror of the immigrant crises, violence or poverty. Humanists, Catholics and people of good will can and must unify for solutions that work for the common good. The Pope stressed "dialogue" between adversaries to arrive at mutual understanding and humane answers to the problems facing all of us. He said nothing to compromise his belief in Catholic Doctrine. The Church 's position on issues such as gay marriage, abortion and women priests remains the same. But Pope Francis emphasizes those instances in which we do agree. I can 't say whether or not anything changed because of His Holiness ' eloquent words. Pope Francis is a man of great charisma. He is a champion of human dignity, he is a voice for social responsibility, Pope Francis is a protector of Mother Earth, he advocates for dialogue among men not armed conflict. Pope Francis will not isolate himself in the Vatican but will continue to lead the humane fight for human dignity, social responsibility and mutual

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