Pop Culture is Merely a Scandal

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As you wake up, your eyes begin to flutter due to the illuminating light, that we call the sun. It is morning. You kick your feet up, and stretch your arms all the way up to the sky; you are on top of the world. You are the founder of a leading strategic, crisis communication firm. You are an assertive, intelligent, beautiful, African American woman, who has her entire life under control, or so one thinks. You are Olivia Pope. However Olivia, your life is merely a scandal. You refuse to settle down, because you are deeply infatuated with the President of United States. Your father is the leader of B613, a wing of the CIA, and has absolute control over eliminating those who are a threat to the government, even your loved ones. Every time you encounter these men, your intuition, and intelligence that you hold close to your heart, is defied, like many other women in television. The television show, Scandal is a perfect example as to how pop culture depicts women in a manner that simultaneously exerts feminism, and patriarchal views. Women in pop culture are usually represented as a typical, Caucasian, suburban, housewife. However, Scandal depicts women in a way that exerts feminism; they are assertive, powerful, independent, and the protagonist is even an African American. The downside to Scandal is that these “powerful” women then become typical, passive, and dependent women whenever encountered by a man in power, thus demonstrating the patriarchal views within the show, and pop culture. Pop Culture vividly depicts the ideologies of women during its specific time period. According to scholar, Mary Magoulick, women in television have been stereotyped according to the male gaze; "women as a passive image," and "men as the active be... ... middle of paper ... ...o be weaker than men. Although there are men working for women within the show, Scandal still manages to depict women in a passive manner. Characters, such as Abby, Quinn, Mellie, and Olivia, all hold some power over men, but whenever a man with more power encounters them, they all of sudden become weak. But, why do you have to be weak? This patriarchal view that this show holds needs to be stopped. Women in pop culture should not be able to have some power, then suddenly stripped of the power they have worked so hard for. Pop culture needs to depict women in a manner in which women can hold onto her power. Television shows, such as Scandal exerts both feminism, and patriarchal views, by portraying women to be both strong, and weak. However, in order for feminism to thrive, patriarchal views should be removed from not only Scandal, but from Pop Culture in general.

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