Pop Art And Society And Reefer Madness: A Reflection Of Society's Writings

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The two essays that I considered my best work and included in the portfolio were “Pop Art and Society” and Reefer Madness – A Reflection of Society’s Attitudes”. “Reefer Madness” is Essay 4 and best illustrates my improvement during this class as writer. In order to best understand my progress, I compared this essay with my first essay on prescription drugs. “Prescription Drugs” failed to stay focused on the dangerous of prescription drug advertisement. In “Reefer Madness”, I used your previous comments on this first essay concerning how an essay should support the thesis statement to develop stronger, supporting paragraphs for the thesis. Though “Pop Art” is my second essay, but I believe it is a stronger essay than Essay 3 on “Superheroes”.…show more content…
One improvement I made over previous essays was moving the thesis sentence to the beginning of the introduction paragraph. Moving the thesis to the beginning of the paragraph made it easier for readers to understand what the essay was about and the tone of the paper. During the revision, I corrected the mechanical writing problems, such as not italicizing movie titles. Rereading the paper, I found that I tended to write long, wordy, sentences. In my rewrite, I worked on improving the flow of my writing and tried to avoid awkward sounding phases. As in previous papers, one of my ongoing errors is using the word you. During the revising process, I discovered a factual error. The original essay stated the Mexican Revolution ended in 1910. The Mexican Revolution started, not ended, in 1910. The error was corrected during the revision. After reading, and hearing the essay read, I decided the essay needed a stronger conclusion. I expanded the conclusion to provide a better summary of the paper and also to better explain how “Reefer Madness” could still be relevant for today’s audiences. I would rate this paper as being high effective. The thesis statement on how “Reefer Madness” reflected society was strongly supported by research. The essay showed how the beliefs in the movie were still part of today’s…show more content…
Due to the subject of Pop Art being a broad topic, I focus mainly on how America’s consumer culture influenced and shaped the movement. The paragraph explaining the continuing influence of Pop Art in areas such as fashion, art, and even music video, helped make the essay relevant for readers. Overall, the essay had a number of grammatical errors (especially comma usage) and a more in depth explanation of what caused America’s consumerism. A more complete summary of the paper’s revisions follows. Instructor

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