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Reasons why SEO services should avoid Poor Guest blogging
Guest blogging is exchanging content between two websites, but the relationship is not always exactly matched. A good guest post can benefit a blog through exposure, branding, increased reach, community, and more. The following are reasons poor guest posting is disapproved by SEO services.
Grammatical errors
Poor guest blogs often lack words and have frequent grammatical errors. A simple grammatical error on your site can cost your entire SEO service and also tarnishes the image of your site translating to reduction in traffic. An article containing spelling or grammatical mistakes is a sure way to lose your readers before they ever finish reading the piece featured and also creates broken links on your site. Use of simple and straightforward English that is comprehendible by any reader is the perfect thing to adopt for guest blogs.
Duplicate content
Bloggers out seeking for ranks to their site tend to use same content across several sites they feature as guest bloggers. This creates a problem for search engines because they fail to note the page to be displayed in search results, a situation that could deliver devastation to your SEO efforts and ranking goals of your services. Besides, search engines often treat repeated text as spam, which also is a negative element for your SEO initiatives.
Spammy links
Some guest bloggers aim is to lead visitors back to their own website or blog; they at times get into spam territory and drag your site into it. Search engine optimization aims at being spam free by generating links as naturally as possible however guest bloggers go overboard with backlinks and other unnecessary plugs, risking your site making it appear desperate and sp...

... middle of paper ... called "Google penalized blog network”. Most of the blog networks which are meant for link farms can be risky, can lead to Google ban and that affects your site too.

Poor social media marketing
While social sharing is great technique, it is being misused. Poor guest posts use a myriad range of services and software to have their posts ranked high. Using bots and other related software to share your content is not SEO approved. These techniques have led to several sites losing traffic and others being pulled down.
Spun content
Spinning is generating various or multiple versions of the original content through software or by manual spinning. Poor guest posts use this method when you want to avoid duplicate content problems. With Google’s updating its algorithms day in day out, it is now being easier to detect sites running spun content as it lacks uniqueness.
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