Poor Sporting Complexes Causes Lack of Community Pride

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Earlier this year, my family and I went to Murray for my little brother’s basketball game. We walked into a clean school that had a very nice basketball court. The setup was well thought out and seemed to have everything in it. Flash forward a couple of weeks to when Nebraska City hosted a basketball tournament for the same age group at Northside School. “Where are the bleachers?” I asked when I noticed that there were only a couple rows of chairs set up on the far side of the gym. Turns out there were none. There was not even a scoreboard. Instead, they used a mini scoreboard on a table, similar to one used for wrestling matches that a spectator would have to try desperately to see. The same thing happens when my dad comes home from umpiring out of town. He tells my family how nice other fields are in other towns compared to ours. The same goes for our tennis courts. The demise of our sporting complexes is an important problem in the community, and possible solutions include: Complex usage fee, fundraisers and a hotel tax. The need for a renewed Steinhart Park is a big problem that receives little attention. The lack of paved parking lots causes erratic parking, so fewer cars can fit. This, on busy nights, can become a very serious situation for drivers and pedestrians. One way to make money during a sporting event is the concession stand. With the exception of one newer stand, the current condition of our concession stands is horrendous. If I came from out of town, I would see the concession stands as too sketchy. I would get food from them only if I absolutely had to. I have noticed that is exactly what is happening. Every time I go to a baseball game, hot dogs and popcorn are given away for next to... ... middle of paper ... ...s, fundraisers, and hotel fees are all great solutions to the deterioration of our sporting complexes. I hope we now realize that this is an indeed problem due to lack of parking, lack of maintenance to said complexes, and lack of concessions stands. If all or even some of these ideas are implemented, the possibilities are endless. Maybe in a couple of years down the road, I will be able to travel to my brother’s games and say, “This is as good than what we have in Nebraska City.” I wrote about renewing the sporting complexes for my problem solving essay. I offered three solutions: paying to use the complexes, fundraisers, and hotel taxes. I like the solutions I offered to the problem, but I am looking for help with solving the problems that may arise with my given solutions. I would appreciate help with becoming more firm with my opinions too.

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