Poor Leadership: The Uphots Of Leadership In Health

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Leadership in health
This report is formulated to analyse the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which an effective leader should have to run a team of healthcare professionals. In this report, I am going to illustrate the upshots of poor leadership by linking the effects that poor leadership on the staff and patients as well as on the organisation. As an effective and efficient team leader, discussion of leadership tool to evaluate leadership style of your own and other staff of the healthcare team will be done to maximise the productivity and efficient work flow of the facility.
Skills required being an effective leader:
Initially, to be an effective leader of a healthcare organisation, the team leader should have the ability to understand your own leadership style, personality type and related leadership skills. As a part of this effort, leader should identify their strength, weakness and
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(d) External networking: This is done be external and monitoring and representing.
Yulk (2013) has also suggested the essential qualities of an effective leader:
1. Effective leaders always guide and help their followers through narratives to make sense of change and inspire them to give their best which makes a positive difference. Martin Luther king’s speech is an appropriate example of this.
2. Effective leader always create the directions and aligned around the objective only and update his knowledge through recent publications and journals.
3. Leader should always nurture the commitment and optimism in a team which leads them to the success.
4. Leader should always encourage people trust and cooperation in a team to work in a supportive manner. Team should be made aware of cohesive power by the leader which is the integral part of team working.
5. Leader should ensure the usage of resources available to the team like money, IT
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