Poor Kids : A Documentary

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1. Poor Kids is a documentary that highlights a major issue the United States is suffering from. This issue is known as poverty, more specifically, childhood poverty. This documentary views the world through the eyes of children that are subjected to lives of poverty due to the poor financial state that their parents are in. Life is very rough for these children and they must live their everyday lives with little to none of the luxuries most people take for granted. Poor Kids sheds light on the painful fact that there are children that starve every day in the United States. 2. As the Film Poor Kids continued on it became more and more apparent that the main issue was poverty among children in the United States. It needs to be first recognized that if a child’s parents are unable to sufficiently provide for said child, then both the parents and child usually live below the poverty line together. Therefore, childhood poverty can be directly associated with adult poverty. This video specifically focused around three very poor families. Each family was suffering from poverty, but were driven into poverty due to different circumstances. This video mentions a plethora of reasons why families in the Unites States are living in poverty. A few of these causes of poverty include not having a job, business being scarce, and only having one parent (Mucciolo). The American economy can be described as sporadic at times. The past can serve as a testament to how one year jobs can be abundant and plentiful then the next there can be a shortage of jobs. Once the economy tanks and people start getting laid off, thus losing their jobs, the poverty rates in the America tend to increase (Poverty). Lack of business also attributes to poverty. It is se... ... middle of paper ... ... New Deal program in which he helped provide an immense number of jobs to those who needed them while helping complete different social projects (History.com Staff, 2009). To help reduce the current childhood poverty rates, there can be more facilities designed to shelter families that are unable to afford a place to live. These facilities however, should only be meant for those that are actively searching for a job and making a genuine effort to get their families to a state of financial stablity. This will allow children and parents suffering from poverty to be given some assistance to help them get through their financial predicament. Implementing these two types of polices will lead to society benefitting as well. The logistics behind establishing these policies are not crystal clear, but that is the general basis behind alleviating childhood poverty in America.
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