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“Volcanoes. Call them Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end” (Pellegrino 3). Volcanoes have been found, studied, and erupting forever. Volcanoes are a well-known piece of nature, but have you ever been in a volcanic eruption before? The conditions are horrible, the sky is black, and the city goes dark, and you can’t see the sun any more. You can barely breathe, and the volcano emits an avalanche of ash the size of a tsunami. What would someone do in that situation? Likewise, the city of Pompeii had an eruption, and no one knew what to do because no one had seen anything like that in their time period before. Imagine a person in that situation, knowing not what to do, and just running for their lives, but could not find a place to hide, or any place to find and to take shelter at. That same eruption is the one that radically changed the city many centuries ago. Pompeii, the small city next to the great mountain Vesuvius, was about to be changed forever, which later made it considered to many people “The city frozen in time” because of how it was preserved by the ash of the ground. The tragic eruption of Pompeii has changed the way people look at nature, especially in the form of volcanoes and natural disasters. Pompeii left a great fingerprint on human culture because of its well-known mountain, its eruption, and its astounding burial and preservation.
Someone might be wondering what Pompeii really is. One person might think that it is just a town that got buried by a volcano, but there is more to the story than just that. Pompeii, the city said to be frozen in time, is a city in Italy that was settled in the eighth century B.C., located about five miles from Mount Vesuvius. According to Current Science, Pompeii is estimated t...

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...y left a lasting impact on life here on Earth. What they did in Pompeii will never be forgotten, and the city said to be frozen in time will soon be unfrozen. Pompeii tells a story that cannot be rewritten. The story is unique and interesting to think about, because no other story is really told about a volcano that big that destroys a city. Pompeii will be remembered in history forever, and it has definitely left a lasting fingerprint and an old city behind in its path, where people can study, analyze, and learn more about our past and what was happening at that time period and how it has affected people in this time today. Altogether, one might say that Pompeii influenced out lives today and changed them so that all of the world can be more self-aware and more prepared for things like this, as well as evidence that something like this could very well happen again.
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