Polo Ralph Lauren Case Study

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I- Brand foundation:

Brand Architecture:

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation clothing company, Ralph was born as Ralph Lifshitz in year 1939 in New York City. Ralph Lauren started in 1967 under the name of Polo Ralph Lauren, until he expended his designs. Polo Ralph Lauren based on American style leader in luxurious, sophisticated fashion and Striking a balance between “timeless” and “modern” style and to make his full line more impeccably crafted the new sportswear is born. And finally in 1970 Polo Ralph Lauren released a line of women 's suits tailored in a classic men 's style.
Brand identity prism: Physique: High denim quality, elegance,
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Polo Ralph Lauren not only owned retail stores, but also under other retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Belk, Saks Fifth Avenue, and various other retailers. The unique selling proposition of Ralph Lauren brands go about defining themselves as not like the others, is to develop a positioning that’s intended for a narrower target to make them unique. Most luxury brands fall into this fashion unique style categories. Ralph Lauren Company wants potential customers to know all the ways that they are better than others, and as a result their advertising focuses on product benefits. The result is to grab the attention of their customers. The emotional appeal of this brand is to increase your self esteem and leaves you feeling high class and