Pollution in the World

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Pollution in the World A vast area under discussion, mostly in this day and age, pollution is

a poisonous or harmful contamination of the biosphere.

There are many different forms of pollution including litter,

industrial effluent, domestic waste, nuclear waste, toxic waste, water

pollution, agricultural pollution, noise pollution and air pollution.

Air pollution, being the main area of concern due to its threatening

symptoms, comes from a range of various sources such as factories,

power plants, dry cleaners, motor vehicles and even windblown dust and


It can be divided into particulate and gaseous pollutants. Particulate

pollutants consist largely of dust and smoke. Gaseous pollutants are

caused by the burning of fuels (wood, oil, coal) and consist mostly of

sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide etc.

Ever since the passenger vehicle was invented, air pollution has been

an escalating worry. In the U.S. there is approximately 770 cars per

1000 people.

In many urban areas, motor vehicles are the distinct leading donor to

ground-level ozone, a key element of smog.

Ozone is formed by the reaction

[IMAGE]O + O2 O3

At ground level, ozone is anything but a shield, as we know it to be

in the stratosphere. In fact it's a noxious gas with the ability to

cause severe damage to human well being, plant life and man-made

materials. In the stratosphere the ozone layer prevents short wave

radiation reaching the earth's surface and is fundamental in

protecting the earth from harmful rays coming from the sun.

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... does not increase. There are quite a few ways of achieving this

including pre-combustion systems, which permit fuels to be burnt more

capably. Post combustion systems endeavour to eradicate pollutants

once they are within the exhaust system.

Another way of controlling pollutant getting into our atmosphere is

reducing the number of cars on the road and replacing it with good

public transport.

To conclude ozone has been exposed as a very harmful chemical in our

atmosphere. The main problem is the amount of people who are

uninformed of how serious the penalties are. The more people that are

aware of the consequences the more that can be done to reduce

pollution in the long term. Yet any effective measures would have to

achieve if possible the cooperation of world regions in order to make

a significant difference.
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