Pollution Issues Shown to Kids

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The Lorax (1972) is a children’s movie that addresses environmental struggles that occur daily and the consequences that follow those actions. The movie starts out in the middle of the forest and a young boy is waiting to hear a story told by the Once-ler. The Once-ler is a green creature that is the cause for the extinction of a particular tree, a truffula tree. As the story begins, he discusses how the forest was a flourishing ecosystem. All the animals and plant-like things were thriving and everything was in equilibrium. Then one day, the once-ler was just cruising through and he noticed that the truffula trees were the perfect material for a thneed. He could use the tops of the truffula trees to make the thneeds. They were soft and stretchable and perfect. So, he built a little store. Then, once he cut down the first truffula tree, an orange creature appeared. The orange creature was angry that he had cut down his tree. He gave him a few words and basically said that no one needed a thneed, they needed trees. The Once-ler proceeded to say that thneeds are useful in many ways. They argue about it throughout the whole movie. Then people driving by started to notice thneeds and they became popular. Then they were getting backed up. So the Once-ler called up his family to come help. The business expanded rapidly. They began cutting down trees so fast that the forest was becoming desertified. This made the Lorax push even more for the stop of the thneeds. Then, since all the trees were being cut down, the Bar-ba-loots had to move out. Their squirrel-like bodies couldn’t go without the food and shelter that they receive from the truffula trees. They were forced to leave. The next being in the forest to be forced out of their hom...

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...urce pollution. But not all are so hard to find. When the polluted water’s source can be identified, it is called point-source pollution. In The Lorax (1972) it is a point-source pollution. The pollution is coming from the Once-ler’s thneed factory. It is being dumped straight into the river that the hummingfish swim in. All that gunk builds up and they eventually have to evacuate because they cannot breathe.
The carbon cycle, biodiversity and water pollution were only a few of the problems that were addressed in The Lorax (1972). There were many more that could be mentioned. The thing to understand is that by ruining and polluting our resources is not only hurting us in the future, but all the organisms around us. The chain of hurt is never ending. So protect the things we have now and don’t take them for granted. We may not have them when we need them someday.