Pollution Causing Frog Deformation

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Pollution Causing Frog Deformation Once upon a time, there was a saying that if you kissed a frog it might turn into your prince, now it could be a health hazard. It appears that frogs that are deformed are being found (most likely because of something we humans did) and the cause is still unknown. Yet, frog deformities have usually been found in many places of North America. There have been a few sightings in Europe and Asia, but they are as I say few. Image being the students from Minnesota who found that half the population of frogs they caught were abnormal. I’d be scared. Strange as it is, deformed frogs aren’t a recent thing. They were actually first reported back in 1750, but the problem wasn’t considered sever enough to draw concern till now. The first major case noticed was in Granite Falls, Minnesota in 1993. It was later researched and they found in 1994 that there were no abnormalities. Yet, in 1995 students from New Country School in Lesueur, Minnesota found deformed frogs on their field trip. School children and teachers have generally been the first to find these strange creatures but, David Hoppe and Robert McKinnell were the first two scientists to confirm the frogs. Dr.Hoppe wants to test the frogs to see if the abnormalities are genetic while, Dr.Kinnell is looking at the frogs from three different places; Vermont, Minnesota and Lake Champlain. He has found that the frogs in Minnesota and Vermont are quite similar. Another person with frogs is Jim McMunley, who has been harvesting leopard frogs in the name of research, for the last 13 years. He found a usually high number of deformed frogs among the 40,000 he grew. The reason behind all this is still unknown but, we do have many possibilities. Some think it’s pollution since frogs are sensitive because of living in both environments-land and water-they absorb pollutants through their skin. Another possibility is pesticide, many deformed frogs in Quebec were found in areas that were highly concentrated in pesticides. A different link but, still on the same idea is a chemical called Methoprene. Methoprene is used for mosquito control among other things. But what it breaks down to is an acid called Retonoic Acid, which, when tested in a lab can produce all, if not a high majority of abnormalities that are seen in the environment today.

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